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Nutrition Coaching -
Sunnyside LEAN”

Hi, Im Tahlia Nationally Registered Nutritionist and Coach. 

“Sunnyside LEAN” Is my premium one on one coaching program designed to provide you with the tools and skills you need to create longterm healthy habits that are free of restriction, allowing you to enjoy a healthy,  happy and balanced life.

LEAN will provide you with customised education and support unique to you and your goals, to allow you need to learn how to correctly fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to achieve and maintain optimal health. In addition fuelled will also provide you with access and tailored guidance on implementing a regular exercise regime that will leave you feeling fuelled for life.

Our Sunnyside LEAN plan has a strong focus on building your education surrounding food, food choices, and behaviour change.  We believe that by addressing food selection, understanding  portion control, and being able to identify and overcome binge/restrict behaviours we can help or clients to achieve their goals while  ensuring that they have the tools and skills in place to sustain  their results long- term.

LEAN Includes:

  • 45-60min consult to discuss your specific goals, results from analysis with key focus areas, tailored recommendations to meet your goals with Action plan, measurements + Information gathering on medical history and weight history, dietary intake including eating habits and behaviours, personal food likes and dislikes. +

  • Weekly skill building workshops and checkins via zoom for the first 2 weeks and Fortnightly 30minute checkins via Phone/Zoom thereafter +

  • Unlimited 24/7 support via facebook group and email.+

  • Access to private Facebook community for unlimited support and bonus weekly content +

  • Tailored guidance on implementing a regular exercise regime +

  • Access to the Sunnyside VIP Members Success Portal +Free Ebook +

  • Personalised macro and calorie targets reviewed every fortnight +

  • Fortnightly meal plan review and refresh.

  • Regular online check- ins with your coach to review your progress +

  • Comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle analysis +

  • Personalised nutrition planning & movement tips +

  • Learn nutrition principles to ensure lasting success.


Is Nutrition Coaching For Me?

Nutrition coaching has positive lifestyle benefits and impacts lives for everyone, particularly if you:

  • Are struggling to make changes to the way you look and feel, and get the body you want.

  • Have regularly lost and gained the same 5-10kg over your dieting life

  • Are frustrated by starting diets, finishing diets and restarting again...riding the roller coaster of dieting.

  • Battle with healthy portion sizes.

  • Need guidance figuring out hidden food intolerances

  • Battling with poor digestion. 

  • You associate foods as "good" or "Bad".

  • You feel guilt or anxiety surrounding food and social situations.

  • Struggle to sustain a healthy approach to food.  

  • Are a regular exerciser and can’t get the results you want – without a proper nutritional program, your efforts may be futile. 

  • Live a busy and stressful life .

  • You are lacking energy and feeling "flat" all the time. 

Our Nutrition Coaching will put you in control of your nutrition and wellness, and help you improve your lifestyle habits that stick so you wont need us anymore.

No crazy diet, shakes or supplements, no starvation diets, just real food. 

Avocado and Beetroot Toast

Good Health Requires Good Nutrition. 

"If nothing changes everything will remain the same".


"Sunnyside LEAN" will be the last Nutrition coaching program you will ever have to invest in.

Together we will conquer emotional eating, create mindfulness surrounding food selection, learn to listen to your body to create a more intuitive mindset and have you feeling LEANER, HEALTHY AND STRONGER than you ever thought possible. 

It is 100% customisable to you to fit into your busy lifestyle, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

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