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How To Succeed In Fat Loss

Hi, Tahlia here Nationally Registered Nutritionist, Coach, and proud boss Lady of Sunnyside Fitness Co.

You have probably all heard the saying that; “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen put them together and you’ve got the Kingdom” truer words could not be spoken. Think of it like this; if your goal is fat loss and you need to achieve a calorie deficit (you do!) food is 100% of the energy you put into your body every day and on average exercise only burns 10-30% of that. That’s a pretty big discrepancy, and definitely means that erasing all your dietary transgressions at the gym is a lot harder than the cardio bunnies of the gym make it seem. The takeaway: It's hard to create a significant calorie deficit through exercise.

The key player here is energy balance. No matter who you are, what you do for a day job, how big or how small you are, if you take in more energy (calories) from food than your body expends throughout the day, you will gain weight. Period. If you take in less energy from food than you expend throughout the day, you will lose weight. Period.

Today I wanted to answer some common questions around nutrition coaching that I get asked so often and shine some insight into how I can help you FINALLY achieve your fat loss goals, maintain your results LONG-TERM, and turn healthy eating into a positive everyday habit.

So, what is a nutritionist and how can we help?

A registered and accredited nutritionist is a food health professional that consults and advises their clients on dietary requirements, routines and exercise structures that will help them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Whether it’s to lose weight, overcome emotional eating, or to get help with a digestive problem, there are so many reasons to see a Nutritionist. As accredited health professionals our job is to sift through all the conflicting *BS online and use science backed education to find the solution that’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

So, is Nutrition coaching the missing piece of the puzzle that you need?

Nutrition coaching has positive lifestyle benefits for everyone, particularly if you:

👉🏼 Are struggling to make the lifestyle and habit changes you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

👉🏼 Are frustrated by starting diets, finishing diets, and restarting again...riding the roller coaster of dieting.

👉🏼 Struggle to sustain a healthy approach to food.

👉🏼 Battling with poor digestion.

👉🏼 You associate foods as "good" or "Bad".

👉🏼 You feel guilt or anxiety surrounding food and social situations.

👉🏼 Struggle to sustain a healthy approach to food.

👉🏼 Are a regular exerciser and aren’t get the results you want.

👉🏼 Live a busy and stressful life.

👉🏼 You are lacking energy and feeling "flat" all the time.

Sounds pretty good right? But I’m guessing you still have some questions so, to help you gain further clarity I’m going to answer 3 questions that I commonly get asked:

Do I have to track calories / macros?

No, not unless you want to – we can even take care of this for you.

I’m a fussy easter and don’t like food a, b, c, d,

Cool no worries at all, I’m a nutritionist and can't stand Tuna, we just won't’ include a, b, c, d in your plan.

I like to cook just one meal the whole family can eat:

No worries at all, we can tailor your plan to suit your family needs, budget, and lifestyle.

If you would like to start feeling LEANER, HEALTHY AND STRONGER than you ever thought possible my one-on-one nutrition coaching program could be just what you never realised you were looking for.

To find out more or, to apply to my one-on-one coaching program please complete the simple enquiry form below👇🏻

Yours in health,


Disclaimer: Please remember the intention of this column in to educate and motivate not to offer specific dietary or medical advice. If you are experiencing digestive discomfort or suffer from auto immune or chronic illness, please seek medical advice before altering your diet.

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