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Is it your kitchens fault ?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Let's talk... “Kitchen Set-up.”

As we continue to work day in and day out with clients who want to lose weight and get healthier, we’re often reminded of this universal truth:

When changing behaviour, environmental tweaks beat willpower every-time.

In simplier terms, if there’s a package of tim tams in your cabinet, you or someone who lives with you will eventually eat them.

Conversely, if there are a few apples on the kitchen counter, guess what? Someone will likely eat those, too.

This is why, instead of focusing on willpower, we encourage our clients to make changes to their environment (i.e. their kitchen).

We help people identify the foods that are problematic to them, so they can make them less convenient to consume.

And we help them build a list of foods that are beneficial to them, so they can make them more convenient to consume.

Its often as simple as - if it's not there, you can't eat it.

Yes, you can still have the occasional treat but they are not readily available for everyday consumption.

This simple action of tweaking their environment makes it so much easier for our clients to make healthier choices on a consistent basis, which of course leads to better results in the long run.

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